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  1. I love every bit of this write up. You went straight to the point making it totally relatable. I’ll also learn to use appropriate cutlery because I would have asked for spoon if I didn’t read this.

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You just got engaged. Congratulations! Getting engaged for Nigerian women is usually great news. This is especially when you choose the right person

You were really excited when you got the ring.

That night, you couldn’t think of anything else. You also thought of how beautiful your wedding dress will look like, and who your hair stylists and make up artists are going to be. You even spent the entire night searching for the best event planners on Instagram.

While all those things are equally important, there is something that just doesn’t cross your mind at that point- meeting your future in-laws!

The thought of it alone is enough to make you nervous. It is very common for ladies to get really anxious when they are meeting their in-laws, especially for the first time. Even if you’ve met them before, a lot of things will still run through your mind.

How are they going to see me? What if they don’t like me? What if they don’t accept me?


While it is quite normal to get anxious about those things from time to time, adequate preparation and research can save you a lot of trouble.

Nigerian Women- Tips on making a good impression with the in-laws

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Do your research

This is one thing a lot of people fail to do. Remember that they are not your parents, so don’t think you know them or what they expect naturally. Do your research. Find out what they like or how they behave from your fiance. If you aren’t from the same tribe as they are, find out their codes of respect and ways of dressing. Find out what his mother likes or is crazy about. That way, you will be more relaxed when you begin your journey and can initiate meaningful conversations.

Be Yourself

Nigerian mothers can smell pretence from a mile away, especially fire brand, prayer warrior mothers. Remember to be yourself. There is always this fierce temptation to try to act cool or overdo things just to please them, but resist it. Don’t allow your village people have the last laugh for something you could have avoided.

Dress well

They say you should dress the way you want to be addressed, abi? It’s true. The first thing Nigerian parents note is your dressing. Mind you, it’s not just your clothes. Nigerian mothers notice everything about their future daughter in laws, even their toenails. Dress well but do not wear any skimpy or excessively tight dress.

Wear shoe, sandals, or moderate heels. Also, make your hair a day or two before. If you must wear wig, make sure your hair is neat underneath. Don’t allow your hair to be breeding ground for infectious diseases. Paint your nails. Furthermore, wear moderate, natural makeup.

We know you like to wear makeup with three-storey building foundation, but today isn’t the day. Don’t forget to smile.

Maintain proper etiquette

Learn codes of respect in their tribe and display it on that day. Do not sit down until they tell you to? Perhaps intrude into their conversations unless you are called upon. Do not turn your neck round the house? If you must look, only rotate your eyes. If you are served food, remember to be courteous.

Don’t eat all the grains of rice and scratch the plate. Also, don’t fight with the meat, especially when it’s hard. Your village people might use the opportunity to stain your dress. If you are being offered fork and knife, don’t request for spoon. Learn how to use appropriate cutlery.

Keep an open-mind and be humble

When engaging in conversations, try to see things from their own point of view, but that doesn’t mean you should agree with everything they say. When asked questions, answer them directly. Avoid uhmms and ahhhs. Buttress your points with brevity.

Do this properly, and all Nigerian women can win the hearts of your future parents in-law. Good luck!

PS: If you haven’t read the guide for the men, don’t miss out. Read it here.

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First Impression for Nigerian Women- Meeting the Future In-laws

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