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Have you ever really wanted to connect with someone? Well, you probably felt this way because you felt attracted to this person. Be it a friend or a partner, you really just want to talk to this person and interact with them on a whole new level. So what happens when you get no response from them? Well, no response is actually them giving you an answer.

Let me explain.

No response is a response in any friendship or relationship you find yourself. It can signal the end of a relationship or something else.

Either way, when you get only silence, it’s clearly one you have to consider closely.

How can you identify a no response signal?

You have to talk it out

Well, several things can help you identify a no response signal. However, these signs may vary depending on the type of relationship you have with this person.

For example, if you are in a romantic relationship, your signal will probably include literal silence or a form of passive-aggressiveness.

It might also mean that the person just doesn’t do the things you guys shared in the past.

If you are getting the wrong signals in a friendship, then you might be experiencing cold shoulders from your friend, general silence, and awkward conversations.

Your friend might seem very distant from you. Things just won’t feel bad.

Identifying these signals is the first step. Now, how do you react to this type of attitude? Here are some ways to handle this problem.

What to do when you get only silence

Try examining your actions

Sometimes, the reason for this sour new attitude is something you have done.

Perhaps your friend and partner have gotten tired of reminding you how much they hate a certain habit. If you are getting this signal, then you should probably try finding out if it’s really something you did.

I recommend you do this first before jumping into any conclusions.

Ask for an Honest Conversation

The next thing you can do is to ask for an honest conversation. While your friend might not have responded to your cheerful advances, having a serious conversation might spur them to tell you the problem.

So sit them down and really ask them what’s wrong. Try to actually listen to what they say. Not listening and becoming defensive might just be adding to the initial problem.

If you two figure out what is wrong, try to discuss the problem and find out what can be done to make the situation better.

If the problem was just something you did or your friend is going through, an honest conversation will fix things.

What if you still get only Silence?

Sometimes, after all this, you might still be getting the silent treatment. After some time, you just have to walk away.

No response is a response and a really powerful one. Sometimes, you might even be in a toxic relationship without knowing it.

This certainly does not mean that you should give up without even trying to make things work. However, if nothing seems to be working and this behavior is seriously affecting your day, you just have to have to move on.

Final Thoughts on No Response is a Response

It might work out in the end

Also remember that no response is a response. If they wanted to talk to you, they would. So once you reach out continuously and follow the tips above, you should get an answer.

If you don’t, then maybe it’s time to move on.

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No Response is a Response- How to react to No Response

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