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It’s not uncommon to see women read romance novels. Heck, growing up a lot of people, especially girls did. It was like an escape from reality. Almost like taking a sneak peak into other people’s lives. So, is that all the reasons women love reading romance novels?

If you’re a romance novel reader, you’ve probably been asked one too many times. “Why do you read that?” “Why is it so special?” “How can you even enjoy that?” Etc. Sometimes you might shy away from expressing how much you love these books for fear of being judged.

However, you should understand that you are not alone. Romance novels are fun to read. And sometimes people ask all this out of honest curiosity even if it comes out wrong sometimes. There are lots of reasons women love to read romance novels.

So, when you’re faced with that question next time, here are a few reasons to help pick out your answer.

Women love to read romance novels because fiction is usually better than reality

Maybe a reason women enjoy reading these novels is because it gives them hope. Makes them feel like there could be men like the hero in the novel out there. Of course, maybe not as perfect but equally as good. Reading romance novels can help in finding one. How? Easy to identify.

Women love it because it’s fun watching other people’s life go in a roller coaster, especially when you’re happy

One reason to enjoy reading romance when you’re in a perfect relationship? You can’t relate. You’re reading about someone else’s pain and you just can’t imagine that being you.

Women Love Exploring Different Kinds of Love

Maybe not first hand, definitely no way. But the joy of holding a different world between your fingers rock. With romance novels coming in different sub genres, you get loads of options. You can read about a commoner or a royal. A common and a royal. Witches and vampires, billionaires etc. it’s a whole buffet.

Women Love to Read Romance Novels Because It Can Be Pretty Steamy

That’s right. Most men/ non romance novel readers think that’s what all they are about. I mean they aren’t completely wrong but there is so much more. Novels are pretty steamy and believe it or not, they can make you better in the bedroom. They come with various narratives and even when some are cliché, you can’t help but love them. Novels, Novella’s, Short stories etc are all out there to share this information. If you’re looking for a nice short read to spark your imagination, you’re in luck. Check out my novelette, Books and Flowers and let me know what you think.

Women Love to Read Romance Novels Just Because

Trying to “shame” someone for reading a romance novel is pretty low. If you’re asking questions out of curiosity, then that’s fine. However, if you’re just trying to point out how imaginative someone is, just stop. Romance novels are a pathway to understanding someone’s mind. Love is a pretty great emotion after all. It could make or break things. So why is it crazy for people to want to understand what goes on in other people’s heads?

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Reasons Women Love To Read Romance Novels

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