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The ability to ooze charisma. To be likable. That’s something everyone wants. When a charismatic person speaks, the audience immediately senses it. It draws them to the speaker, makes them seem more reliable. Well, how on earth do you become more charismatic?

While the type of personality you have helps, it’s not the major determiner. Everyone can work on being more charismatic. If this is your goal, I believe I can be of help. ‘

Let’s consider six easy steps that can help you build charisma.

Six Easy Steps that can help you become more charismatic

Confidence is key to being more charismatic

There’s just something appealing about confidence. So strive to develop your confidence. If that’s a struggle, there are a few things that can help. Strive to dress well for example, and surround yourself with positive people.

Also, step out of your comfort zone and focus on your strengths. It’s also important to remember the difference between confidence and arrogance. Being rude is not a sign of confidence. It’s just a nasty behavior.

Try to expand your horizon

Being charismatic also means that you actually know your stuff. So instead of just trying to impress people with the way you look, try to impress them with what you know.

Breaking down what you know into very simple words also helps. The implication of being more charismatic is that you have to spread your wings.

So take out time to read more. Be curious about a lot of things. You don’t need to study them like an exam. Just focus on things that are fascinating to you.

Expressiveness is key

Charismatic people find a way to move their bodies in the right way. Expressions show your audience and people what you are feeling or trying to convey.

Really, if you are in the habit of just standing stiff while talking, no one will think you inspire a lot of confidence.

So make sure you pass your message with every fiber of your body. Let your eyes shine with excitement and your body move to the tone of your message.

Charismatic people also smile a lot. The implications of a smile on your face are priceless. It automatically makes you more approachable and likable. People will want to talk to you as they instantly feel that they can connect to you better.

The tone of your voice will also play a crucial role. People can make up their minds on how likable you are just by the tone of your voice.

So, make sure you keep your tone nice and warm. When speaking to someone, also make sure your voice conveys your feelings. Try to be dramatic when it fits the situation. You’d draw a lot of laughter and smiles.

Your expressions can also be your downfall. Take nodding your head when someone is speaking or making soft encouraging noises. Nod your head too fast and the person might feel you are ignoring them. Make those noises at wrong intervals and you might send the wrong message.

If you want to be charismatic, you have to slowly learn when to use your expression. It might take time and some mistakes along the way, but your efforts will surely pay off at the end.

Become the wildcard

You must be wondering what I mean by the wildcard. People have different levels of energy. Some people are simply hot and all over the place. Some are more reserved and calmer.

Being the wildcard means mirroring the energy you meet. So if you are talking to someone who talks a lot, you have to put in some effort to match that and the same goes for a reserved person. That helps you to be charismatic.

To make this work, try not to overdo it. Try to be yourself while adding a bit of flair to your character. No matter what you do, don’t appear fake to the person you are talking to.

Have an Aim in Life

Think of two scenarios. An entrepreneur who has made significant strides in the last year and someone who has just drifted around for the last 12 months. Who automatically commands charisma? It’s obvious. If you want to be charismatic, you have to have a goal.

You have to be ambitious and have something you are striving for. As you gain more success, that brings in a measure of confidence. That also makes people sit up and actually start paying attention.

So start to discipline yourself. That helps you achieve your target faster.

Have wonderful Conversations

To be more charismatic, you have to embrace conversations. The act of holding conversations is not for everyone. However, if you can master this, you can leave people feeling satisfied, refreshed, and inspired. That’s definitely a sign of charisma.

If you are having problems holding wonderful conversations, here’s an article Aleruchi wrote on having intellectual conversations. It’s surely an eye-opener.

So what’s the trick to being more charismatic?

The key is practice. Wash, rinse, and repeat all the steps provided below. Within a short time, you should start seeing massive progress.

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Six Steps On How To Be More Charismatic

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