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What are the signs a girl is falling in love with you? Most times men seem to be completely clueless to when a woman loves them. This makes them look for love somewhere else and unfortunately lose a good woman. Why can’t the woman just tell them? You might ask. As much as men think they can handle this, not all can. So many men have taken a woman for granted just because of this. Of course, not all men and not all women. Things work differently for everyone.

You might be assuming a girl loves you or wants you when in reality she doesn’t. also you might also think a girl sees you as a friend but she wants a lot more from you. Due to gender differences and different emotional composition, men and women rarely see eye to eye.

This would help you understand a girl better. You get to understand the signs she’s falling for you. Always remember that if you don’t have feelings for her in return, let her know early. But if you do, then it makes it easier for you to act on it.

A Few Signs She’s Falling for You

1. She Loves Spending Time with You – Signs She’s Falling In Love With You.

Not only does she like spending time with you, she likes it when you’re alone together. She usually brings up the idea to be alone together or do fun activities together. That could be a sign she’s in love or falling in love with you.

2. She Always Listens to You – another sign she’s falling for you

Another sign she might be falling for you. a woman in love would constantly pay attention to everything you tell her. She tries helping you put a few pieces together. She remembers a lot of things you tell her, if not everything. She doesn’t mind talking or listening to you for hours. Sometimes she initiated these conversations herself. Anything to get to know what’s in your head.

3. She Makes and Holds Eye Contact with You

A lot of people feel shy looking at a person they are falling in love with. But it’s different when you’re talking to them. You can get lost in their gaze. Not only is she trying to read you, but she’s also trying to get you to read her. You can almost see the twinkle in her eyes. Trust me, it’s hard to miss.

4. She’s Laughs At Your Jokes

Here’s a little secret, women don’t exactly like laughing at jokes men they don’t like tell. If a woman likes you, you don’t even have to be that funny. She’ll laugh. It’ll come easy. Women also love laughing. That’s why the funny guys get the girls. But notice how they aren’t that funny? Exactly. Once a woman loves you, your mediocre jokes make you sound better than Chris Rock.

5. She Gets You Presents for No Reason – signs she’s falling for you.

When a woman is falling for you, she buys you things. It doesn’t have to be very expensive but she always wants to give you stuff. she goes “Hey, I bought you lunch” or “hey I saw this nice watch and thought you might like it”. “Hey, do you like this pen?”. This is a really obvious sign she cares for you at least and thinks of you when you’re not around.

6. She Drops Hints About Relationships

Although everything listed above hints, there’s more. She drops various hints about relationships. She asks about your love life from time to time. She might or might not have made a joke about both of you being a couple. When you notice these things, she might be falling for you.

7. She Gets A Little Jealous When You Talk or Flirt with Other Girls – signs she’s falling in love with you.

When you talk to other girls, you notice she’s not completely happy with that. She might try concealing it but you can always tell when a woman’s mode changes. When you bring up other girls, her smile isn’t as wide anymore. That’s when you know it’s getting her a little jealous. This could be a sign she’s falling in love with you.

8. She’s Tells You She’s Falling in Love with You

The surest way to know if a woman is in love with you is when she tells you. Of course, it might not be as easy for her but if she does, don’t make her look like a fool. Avoid leading her on and let her know exactly as you feel.


She Tells You Everything About Her Day

A woman who is falling in love with you would always want to tell you about her day. What made her sad and what made her happy? Down to every detail. All because she feels comfortable talking to you. You don’t even have to ask too much.

What Actions Do I Take?

Should you approach her or not when you notice these signs? Yes, but only when you’re sure. You don’t want to get her feeling uncomfortable. When you notice the signs, you can always ask her if she likes you. In the end, you would have to talk about it. Just make sure you are true to your feelings.

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Some Obvious Signs She’s Falling In Love With you

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