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If you’ve ever wanted to get in on the intellectual conversations, you’re in luck. With these tips, you can easily start or join in on an intellectual conversation without fear of saying the wrong things or doing the wrong things.

Before I begin, I want you to understand one thing. You can’t have an intellectual conversation with someone who’s out to make you look stupid. If you notice they are out to get you looking inferior to them, you’re in a trap. Run and live to fight another day. There’s no one way to have an intellectual conversation. No one topic or one expression. That’s the whole point.

Having conversations with people who just want you to hear them talk and not listen is a sign to leave. Here are the best tips to have an intellectual conversation and be confident with yourself regardless.

Read Books and Watch Documentaries

I don’t think anything prepares you for life than other people’s stories. In order to talk about something, you need to understand what you’re talking about. You can also watch documentaries about certain events or topics you’re interested in. If you find reading a little difficult, that’s okay. These documentaries go a long way in educating you. If you want to research further, you can then pick up a book.

Watch Movies for An Intellectual Conversation

You’re probably wondering just how watching movies can help you make intellectual conversations and it’s simple. Movies bring up certain topics you’ve never come across before. Even if it’s just in passing. They spark your interest and you want to know what your favorite character is talking about. This way you go online to understand better. It opens a whole new world to explore.

Talk to People According to Their Interest

If you talk about the most intelligible thing to a person without interest, you miss the point. Fine, they see you are a smart person but what can they do? They can barely contribute to the conversation so it’s more about you telling or educating them. If you want to strike up a conversation you too can learn from, go for their interest.

Ask them what they study in school. Their favorite books. Favorites movies and favorite people. Know their hobbies and what they do. Most importantly, never forget to ask why. The knowledge isn’t in the straight answer. But the reason. This makes the conversation a lot more natural and educational.

Ask Questions for An Intellectual Conversation

The problem a lot of people face is that they don’t ask questions. Don’t be too proud or scared to ask a question. It helps you learn. Fine, you don’t know a particular thing now, or you get it wrong. When you ask a question, you’re better prepared for another conversation like this in the future.

 Also, be willing to learn. If you only depend on your knowledge, you wouldn’t go far. Be open-minded. Listen to things you feel you might not agree with. Let your feeling at the end of the conversation be the judge of that. Never your feeling at the beginning.

Give Room for Explanation for An Intellectual Conversation

When you are talking to a person, give room for explanation. Never give a straight forward statement that seems more insisting and closed off. Here’s an example.

” How was your day?”

“it was a terrible day”

This doesn’t give room for a better conversation. So why not go;

“a lot of things happened today. Some weren’t so good.”

It gives the other person room to ask why. ”Why” to me is the backbone of every sane conversation. Never shut it out.

Never Brush Someone Off Easily

Always go into a conversation with an open mind. Even if you think you’re smarter or more educated than another person. Give them a chance to speak so you understand where they are coming from. When they do, then you can point out somethings that don’t seem right.

If they are willing to have an intellectual conversation, they would be as open-minded as you are.

Final Tips in Getting an Intellectual Conversation

If you want to have an intellectual conversation, you might need to bring up your personal experiences. You encourage the other person to do so too. Don’t stick to talking about one thing. Know how to switch it up. Shallow conversations would never help you learn. There are a lot of topics to get intellectual conversations from. They include;

  • Politics
  • Historical events
  • Life experiences
  • Philosophy
  • Movies and books
  • Astronomy
  • Life goals
  • Dreams
  • News and sports

Next time you want to have an intellectual conversation with someone, never forget these.

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The Best Tips on Having an Intellectual Conversation

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