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If you’re struggling with anxiety disorder, you’ll know how difficult it can be. How confusing it is and how much you wish you understood it more. The thing about having an anxiety disorder is that you can never be too sure. It’s no doubt that everyone faces anxiety as an emotion in their lives. This causes you to go into fight or flight mode in a situation you feel there is danger. Well, let’s just say the bottom line is, anxiety helps you out when you’re in a difficult situation.

Does that mean anxiety is a good thing? Well, anxiety can be good or bad. It can be good when it comes rarely and lets you achieve a certain goal. It can be good when it lets you function without interrupting or ruining your day and your relationships. However, it can be considered bad when it does all the opposite of these things. When it persists often, leaving you weak and emotionally paralyzed.

What Happens When You Have Anxiety Often?

In a situation where your anxiety is unrelenting and frequent, it could lead to various anxiety disorders. It leaves you vulnerable to panic disorders, panic attacks, obsessional behaviors, etc. when this is left untreated and unattended, it could debilitate both your physical and mental well being.

People suffering from anxiety disorders spend a lot of their time trying to put it under control. Mentally check themselves and managing other symptoms that come with it. This leaves them overwhelmed, mentally exhausted, and sometimes, suicidal. It could also affect their life both at work, school, or any other institution.

Although anxiety is a serious mental illness, it is one of the most under-diagnosed, under-reported, and under treated mental health illness out there. Lots of people are uninformed and that’s why I’m going to show you a few things no one tells you about anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder Are Not The Same

As mentioned earlier, normal anxiety isn’t so uncommon and is caused by a particular event of a problem a person is trying to figure it. This is usually classified as good anxiety. It’s the normal human response to problems they are trying to solve. It doesn’t disrupt their lives and paralyzes them emotionally.

However, anxiety disorder is experiencing anxiety without any warning insight. Sometimes you experience it for no reason. Something people never tell you about anxiety is that your imagination comes into play a lot. You spend time imagining unrealistic events that leave you physically shaken. This is one of the reasons it’s harder to explain to someone else what’s going in your head.

In a case of obsessional behaviors, your anxiety can continue even after you’ve handled the problem. This makes you revisit it over and over again.

It Can Be Linked To Other Mental Illnesses

It’s common knowledge that anxiety and depression go hand in hand. Lots of people suffering from anxiety disorders tend to also suffer from depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even substance abuse. Anxiety makes you feel like you don’t belong in a group, in a case of social anxiety. It can prevent you from being in relationships because of fear you might ruin it.

It can ruin the little things about life that make it fun. Then there’s the part where it makes you unable to express yourself in certain situations then beat yourself up about it when you’re alone. All these eventually lead to depression and the need for an escape. An escape which eventually leads to another problem and the cycle goes on and on.

It Can Cause Insomnia

People suffering from anxiety are more likely to have irregular sleep patterns. Insomnia is a close friend, therefore giving them something else to worry about. It’s difficult to sleep when you’re completely exhausted from overthinking or overwhelmed by your own emotions.

Constantly worrying about life, people, and every sad thing about the world, you overwork your brain. This leaves you two options. Insomnia or oversleeping. In a case like insomnia, sleeping is an escape from your mind. But in some cases, your subconscious can take over. It’s a never-ending journey.

Anxiety Comes With Guilt And Self Loathing

Another thing people don’t tell you about an anxiety disorder is the overpowering sense of guilt you’re subjected to. Before an event occurs you’ve thought about every negative situation that can come to play and this leaves you numb. When any of these situations eventually do come true, you feel overpowered with guilt.

Whenever something goes wrong, you feel guilty about it. Your relationship isn’t working out? You feel it’s you. It just has to be. Something wrong with anything? The guilt consumes you even when you’re not sure why. People with anxiety spend a lot of their time blaming themselves.

Anxiety Leaves You Mentally Tired

With everything mentioned above, mental exhaustion is only normal at this point. Panic attacks leave you both physically and mentally fatigued. If you’ve ever seen someone go through a panic attack, you can see how they continuously make use of their body as well as their minds. This leaves them tired and burned out.

Another reason is that anxiety disorders could lead to overworking your sympathetic nervous system. It increases your heartbeat, blood pressure as well as muscle tension. Panic attacks usually come with crying and lamentations. For people who self harm or feel like it, it’s a constant battle to not give in to those thoughts. All these eventually lead to fatigue and exhaustion.

It Makes You Shut People Out

Anxiety disorder makes you shut people out for various reasons. It could be because you think of yourself as a burden you wouldn’t want to place on anyone. It could be because of fear of what other people might think. The list goes on and on. Anxiety does that to you. Makes you feel you’re not good enough and just better off on your own.

If you know someone going through this, be kind and understanding.

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Things No One Tells You About Anxiety Disorder

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