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We’ve all had a crush on somebody. Sometimes more than one person (I know). But the hardest part about having a crush is keeping a conversation. Keeping a conversation is a challenge for a lot of people and it’s completely understandable. You don’t know what to say. You don’t want to say the first thing that pops into your head before you irritate them. So, what are the things to talk about with your crush to keep the conversation exciting?

The good thing about these tips is they work if you’re in a relationship as well. Over time, you run out of things to say. It also works with friends. It’s not exactly a strange thing that some people don’t really engage their friends in exciting conversations. But these tips can help you as well.

What are the things to talk about to your crush, friends, partners? They are things all around us but you just never noticed. Talking to your crush can always bring about the butterflies in your tummy. This makes it difficult to talk and, in the end, you blame yourself. You might have just missed the opportunity to know them better. Or make them something a little more than just your crush.

Here are 10 things you can talk about with your crush.

Their Life Goals – Things to Talk About with Your Crush

It can be weird just asking this out of nowhere so you have to ease into the conversation. Discussing life goals with your crush is another perfect way to find out about your compatibility. You know what goes on in their heads. What they aspire to be and to achieve at certain times. So if you ever run out of things to say to your crush, ask them about their short term and long term goals. It brings about endless conversation possibilities.

Talk About Your Favorite Things – Things to Talk About with Your Crush

This could range from hobbies to movies and actors. Why they like a particular actor and movie. You can even talk about the movie if it’s one you’ve seen it. Tell your crush yours and let them tell you theirs.

Your crush’s hobbies, what they like to do for fun, let’s you understand them a lot more. It also brings about exciting information. Ask them if they like reading, sports, movies, baking etc. if handled properly, this could be a longer conversation.

Talk About Travel Destinations – Things to Talk About with Your Crush

If you’re wondering of things to talk to your crush about, find out about travel destinations. Where they’ve been, where’ll they’ll like to be. Their experiences. Why they want to visit a particular place. Tell them about other cool travel destinations you know about.

Together you can both admire scenery even if it’s over the phone. You never know if you both might just decide to visit a place together. Traveling with people is one of the greatest bonding moments there is.

Talk About Yourself – Things To Talk About With Your Crush

A lot of mistakes people make, especially guys, is constantly asking your crush instead of telling. “How was your day?” “What did you do when you were 5?”. It makes no sense if you keep going about it like that. It makes it feel like an interview and the other person gets bored. Now they don’t text you anymore and you’re sad.

Instead of just asking, tell your crush about yourself. A few information about your family you can spare. You can even tell them little secrets that really might not be. This makes them understand you in return. They get to know you more than the person who continually asks them questions they are sick and tired of answering.

Talk About Self Improvement and Your Past – Things to Talk About with Your Crush

When you’ve gotten deeper into knowing each other, you can always talk about your flaws and things you’re doing to correct them. This makes your crush respect you as a person. Accepting things such as your flaws is a big step for any human. It’s not easy and you’re doing a great job. Plus, you also look really interesting.

Talking about your past with your crush is also a good conversation starter. When you talk about it and they seem genuinely interested, that’s good. It means they care for you even if it’s just the tiniest bit. All these are important if you wish to get into a relationship with your crush. Knowing about their past is something a lot of people ignore but shouldn’t.

Discuss Life and Love – Things to Talk About with Your Crush

Understand what they think of when you talk about love and life. How they view the world. It they read more meaning into things. If their ideas match yours or something you can learn from. The good thing about having conversations like this is the fact that you also learn. You get a different perspective of things. Just be open minded even if you don’t agree. Plus, you know what goes on in their minds.

Talk S’ex and Relationships – Things to Talk About with Your Crush

You have to be really sure before you proceed. Besides talking about s’ex and relationships can be really exciting especially with your crush. Once you’ve eased into the conversation and know each other better. You can also find out if you are both sexually compatible. You can also add a little dirty talk. It’s a wonderful way to build up sexual chemistry.

Talking about relationships give you an insight on what they think of it. Marriage and kids etc. it’s also an effective way to check how compatible you both are.


Implementing these into your talks with your crush makes the conversation lively. You don’t have to worry about it going boring except they aren’t interested in you. Good luck!

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Things to Talk About with Your Crush to Keep It Exciting

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