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What are the things you should never do at a dining table? A lot of people have no idea.

Dinner table manners are so basic and simple, yet greatly overlooked by a lot of people. This is because so many people were not taught these basic things at home. We grew up in houses where we didn’t have meals as a family, so we ended up eating meals in living rooms and bedrooms.

In our homes, we rarely made use of wine glasses. We rarely used appropriate cutlery to eat meals, even when we had guests over. We didn’t learn things we should never do at a dining table, but all that is going to change very soon. In this article, we will be looking at 7 things you should never do at a dining table. These are good habits that we can develop.

If you’re as excited as I am, let’s hop in

Things you should never do at a dining table

1.    Don’t slouch

This is one mistake a lot of people make on dinner tables, whether at restaurants or at dinner table settings in homes. Even if you’ve eaten till your stomach pleads for mercy, don’t slouch on the chair. It makes you look very disorganized and ill-mannered. Furthermore, there are several consequences that come with poor posture.

Sitting upright gives you a sense of elegance and class without having to do too much.

2.    Don’t place your bag on the table

The dinner table isn’t so big, and even if it is, there are high chances that there will be other people using it. it’s very wrong to keep your bag on the dinner table. This is because it will not only make the table look disorganized and grumpy, but it will also make you very uncomfortable when you start eating.

Another thing: don’t place your bag on the floor. Give it some respect!

If you go to most restaurants, they usually provide a platform where bags can be placed. But if there is none, the best place is to put it behind you on the seat. There is plenty of room for that.

3.    No phones!

The rate at which people are addicted to their phones or electronic gadgets is alarming. At the dinner table, whether at home or at a proper restaurant, don’t use your phones while seated. The best thing to do is to put your phone on silent mode when you get seated. If you forget to do so and your phone rings, don’t answer it. Silence it and place back into your bag.

This shows a great sign of respect to your host or dinner partner, and proves that you’re someone that values people’s time.

4.    Don’t talk with food in your mouth

This is so basic, yet you see a lot of ADULTS failing at it. When you’re eating with people around you, don’t talk with food in your mouth. The conversation might be interesting and attractive, but don’t be tempted to join in when eating.

This is because it appears gross and disgusting to see food in your mouth, and you may even begin to choke. This is not appealing in any way.

5.    Don’t SHOUT when seeking attention

A lot of people make this mistake of saying “Waiter!” when seeking their attention. You don’t have to do that. When you go into a restaurant with proper service and get seated, it’s only natural that a waiter should come to you to offer the menu.

If the waiter doesn’t come, all you have to do is to seek eye contact with one and raise your hand slightly. If you’re unable to get their attention, you should quietly get up from your seat and meet one nearest to you.

Note: if you go out to eat with a guy, you shouldn’t be the one to leave your seat.

6.    Don’t be rude to those serving you

When you’re at an advantageous position, it’s easy to take people for granted. But you shouldn’t. learn to be kind and polite to those serving you. Being in a better position than they are doesn’t make you a better human being.

Even if they forget to do something or did it wrongly, don’t shout at them or insult them publicly. Kindly tell them where they went wrong and ensure that it’s done correctly.

7.    Don’t pick your teeth openly

Nigerians are very fond of picking their teeth openly. We have normalized this, especially in public events. When you’re done eating, quietly take a toothpick, cover your mouth and pick your teeth. People shouldn’t see what you’re doing clearly.


These are simple and basic dinner table manners that everyone should know and practice. It’s not enough to know them. Ensure that you behave appropriately when you go to public restaurants or are invited to formal/informal dinners.

Even if you hardly go out, you can begin by practicing these manners at home. You never know where you’ll find yourself in the next couple of years.

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7 Things you should NEVER do at a Dining table

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