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Nigerian culture is something a lot of people are proud of, but they don’t showcase it often because of what Nigeria is going through as a nation.

In recent years, a lot of people have become very enlightened and passionate about Nigerian culture and are going beyond social media to open up brands or support industries that push the culture on a global stage. This is very commendable.

As a person, you may be asking, “How can I promote Nigerian culture in my own little way?”

Here there are…

Ways to Promote Nigerian Culture

1. Support Nollywood movies

The quality of Nollywood movies has improved over the years and a lot of them have made it onto the international scene like Living in Bondage and Lionheart.

Instead of going to the cinema or streaming on Netflix for foreign movies, why don’t you watch and support Nollywood movies?

Their content is fresh and it’s very relatable.

2. Buy Made-in-Nigeria products

A lot of Made-In-Nigeria products are manufactured with the highest quality but they are not receiving as much support from Nigerians as foreign brands do.

This is because everyone wants to wear popular brands like Gucci, without trying to push our products forward.

Buy quality Made-In-Nigeria products today and you won’t regret it.

3. Listen to Nigerian Music to promote Nigerian culture

You can’t deny the fact that Nigerian musicians are super talented, and their songs have been hitting the international stage back-to-back.

It’s also good to explore upcoming artists by listening to their songs and promoting them on your social media platforms. It could go a long way.

Even if you have preference for foreign music, you can sieve through, select at least five artists that consistently produce songs that resonate with you, and stick to them. It won’t be bad to explore other people, though.

4. Tour Nigeria

Nigerians love the good life. They always love going to exotic restaurants and hotels, and booking vacations in exotic countries like Dubai, Paris, London, etc.

You’ll always see them taking lovely photos in foreign historical landmarks to show their Instagram followers that ‘they are not their mate’.

While all this is good, have you ever asked yourself whether you can have that same type of fun in your country?

There are so many exotic hotels in this country. Nigeria also boasts of wonderful tourist places that are yet to be explored because people are too busy flying ‘abroad’

Why don’t you take advantage of these places, have fun with your family, and socialise with friends?

5. Behave yourself

Nigeria is plagued with all sorts of crimes both on social media and real life. The crime we are often associated with is cybercrime- scamming, money laundering, etc.

The best way to promote Nigerian culture is to be of good conduct. Behave yourself, especially when you travel to a foreign land. Don’t engage in get rich quick schemes because things that last are worth the time spent on building them.

Achieve international recognition and put the country on the radar. If the positive stories can outweigh the negative ones, then we can create the future we want for ourselves.

Here are other ways you can promote Nigerian culture.

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Top 5 Ways to Promote Nigerian Culture

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