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Were you trained to always bottle up emotions? Do you find it hard to share your feelings with other people?

Were you taught to handle your problems with maturity, even though it gets toxic?

Not to worry! Psychotherapy is what you need.

First, what is psychotherapy? Who is a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapy is otherwise known as talk therapy. It’s a kind of therapy that helps people with mental and emotional issues by encouraging them to talk about their experiences and proffer solutions on how to move forward. The talks aim to control disturbing triggers or situations so that the victim can improve the quality of his/her life.  

So, a psychotherapist is a trained professional that guides patients through this process.

In several countries of the world, especially this part of Africa, we don’t give psychotherapy the respect and regard it deserves because we either underestimate its importance or are unaware of its benefits.

Africans are trained to swallow their thoughts, opinions, and feelings from childhood. It is more peculiar to men because they’re trained to exude masculine energy and aura.

As such, these people end up growing up with lots of toxic ideas, experiences, and mentalities that affect their career paths, the way they see themselves, but most importantly, their relationship with people (especially those of the opposite sex).

So, why is psychotherapy important, and why should you pay attention to it?

Here are some proven benefits why you need to see a psychotherapist often:

Benefits of Psychotherapy

1. Psychotherapy gives you a new perspective on a problem

Isn’t this why we tell people our problems?

You see, thinking clearly for yourself is a hard thing to do. Most times, people get so immersed in their feelings and experiences that it’s hard for them to think clearly about a solution. Even if they do, it’s hard to follow through.

Psychotherapy helps you to think clearly about the problem, see it in ways you never thought of, and proffer the right solutions and/or treatments. Sometimes, a problem may not necessarily be a problem. You just need someone to talk to.

2. It eases stress

How many times do you find it very hard to sleep when you get home from school or work?

Your thoughts about everything keep roaming around. You are stressed about minute things.

Africa as a continent is pretty inconvenient to live in at the moment, and even though we hope for radical change very soon, there are so many things that we lack basic access to that can get us worked up.

Feeling this way? See a psychotherapist. The talk therapy helps to clear your head and find appropriate solutions for your issue.

3. Psychotherapy detects early stages of depression

One of the greatest ways of enhancing depressive thoughts is by bottling your emotions, feelings and thoughts to yourself. Doing so, you accumulate toxic thoughts and expressions that could easily lead to depression.

Talk therapy stops all that. The psychotherapist is trained to detect early signs of depression and recommend activities that could help deal with the pain.

A lot of people aren’t blessed with united families, and for those who are, their families may or may not be responsive at certain times or on certain issues. So, psychotherapists stand in that gap by ensuring that the patient has an outlet to vent his/her pain or anger.

4. Constant communication helps you to stick closer to your treatments

Let’s be honest. How many times have you started a treatment plan and couldn’t keep up with it?

Constant communication with trusted people helps us stick and achieve our goals faster than if we do try to do it alone. This is why people are always encouraged to join small accountability groups or group of people trying to achieve the same goal.

Constant communication with a psychotherapist helps you to stick not just closer to your treatment plans, but also to your goals. They help to guide you when you’re astray

5. Never worry about exposure

A lot of people are skeptical about telling others our issues. We grow up in a fixed society where people’s characters are unpredictable, so you may tell someone about a pressing issue and that person may turn around to hurt you with that information later on.

But that’s never the case with psychotherapy.

One of the tenets of psychotherapy is confidentiality. A psychotherapist will NEVER tell another person your problem. It will only happen if the person is directly tied to your problem’s solution. Plus, the psychotherapist won’t talk to them without your consent.

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