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Everyone who knows me knows I’m the biggest fan of MBTI personality tests. I literally make everyone I meet take the test including the co-founders of this website. Yes, I’m that passionate. Recently, I have become more interested in something else. That is learning more about one’s love language.

The love languages were developed by Chapman and he found five love languages. It’s all about the way you like to be loved and show love. If you haven’t done your test and want to, just click here to find out your top three love languages.

The five love languages include

  • Touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service.

In this article, we’ll be looking at receiving gifts as a love language. We’ll also look at how you can do this for your partner even when this is not your love language.

What the love language Receiving Gifts entails

Love languages

When someone uses this love language, it’s all about giving to your partner. This love language gets a lot of bad rep as it’s often considered to be selfish, greedy, and materialistic. However, that’s all down to a serious misunderstanding.

It’s all about the thought behind the gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive or unique. It just has to be thoughtful. A good idea will be to check in with your partner to find out their love language before buying them gifts. It’ll be a waste of time if they score really low for receiving gifts.

Not showing your partner love with their primary love language will lead to major issues in the relationship. This is really something everyone should be interested in.

How to make your partner happy if their love language is receiving gifts

If you do not have “receiving gifts” as your love language, then it can be a real struggle. However, there are several ways to stop the rut if your partner’s primary love language is receiving gifts. Here are some things you can do.

Little Gifts

As I stated earlier, it really doesn’t have to be big. It can really be small things such as chocolates, pastries, or cakes. It can also be big if you are the bling-bling type. Some people just like to be given food as presents. Others prefer something shinier like accessories or jewelries.

It’s your partner. So, find out what they like and get it for them. Watch their eyes pop with love for you.

It can be intangible

Gifts must not be tangible. It can also be intangible. For example, if you know your partner loves this particular magazine or really needs to pay for the internet, you can simply do this. It makes a bigger impact when it’s a surprise.

What you should not do if your partner likes receiving gifts

Yes, I found a small problem with the love languages. Knowing how your partner receives and perceives love also allows you to find the perfect way to withhold love. I’d really not advise you to do this. It can put a strain on the relationship that you both might never recover from.

Try to be observant. Usually, people with gifts as their love language will give you hints on what they truly want or appreciate. Take the hint and thank me later.


So there we go, guys! This is really the first part of a six-part analysis of the love languages. I hope the little tips make a difference in your relationship.

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Understanding each Love Language- Receiving Gifts

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