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What are those habits you’ve accumulated for so long that they eat a bit of your soul every day? It’s alright to have a schedule for things but never ok to have an unhealthy habit. You’re probably sad and miserable because you set yourself up for that.

Everyone is guilty of having at least one unhealthy habit. That’s right, everyone. But if you’re stuck on one that’s preventing you from being happy, you need to break it. The world is going to rotate regardless so why not make yours worth it?

Contrary to popular belief, being happy isn’t that difficult. It’s not an imaginary land that only a few people can get into. Or people who take substances to make them appear happy. But in life, we tend to hold on more to the terrible things. Even if more good things happen to us.

Genuine happiness doesn’t come from how much you have. Clothes you can buy and substances you can take. Although having a comfortable life makes it all the easier, it comes from within. It’s a product of the thoughts you have. The activities you engage in. People your life and things you’re willing to change to be better.

happiness is better when it’s pure and true

So what are some of these unhealthy habits making you miserable?

Holding on To the Past – Unhealthy Habits

If you’ve had a traumatic past, it doesn’t have to hunt you forever. If someone hurt you in the past, that’s where they should belong. Carry people or events that hurt you every day makes you miserable. It makes you relive the moment and block out any chance of you being happy. Not only is it unhealthy, but it also prevents you from actually living.

Here’s an open secret about the past. You can’t change it. It’s happened and that’s all there is to it. You can either let it keep you from it living or you can learn from it. An unhealthy habit that is definitely keeping you sad is holding on to your past. Let it go today.

Overthinking the Future – A Bad Habit

There’s a thin line between preparing for your future and being obsessed with it. It brings about a lot of anxiety and depression if things aren’t going according to plan. Sometimes you think these things aren’t working out but they eventually do.

When you overthink your future and let it consume you, you don’t give way for other possibilities. There’s nothing wrong with planning your future, but there’s everything wrong in it making you presently miserable.

Having A Price tag for Happiness – Unhealthy Habits

“I’ll definitely be happier with a bigger house”. “It’s definitely going to be this new car for sure”. “I just need more shoes, then I’ll be happy”. All these thoughts eventually make you miserable. You’ve put a price tag on your happiness but it doesn’t work that way. Don’t get me wrong, living comfortably is a great thing we should all aspire to do. But it’s never the end.

As mentioned earlier, true happiness comes from within. Be happy with the little you have now. That way when bigger things come your way, you appreciate them more. You know how to work with them. They compliment your happiness instead of being the entire thing it’s based off on. Break that unhealthy habit today.

Always Being Pessimistic – Unhealthy habits

You’re always angry about the weather because it ruins your new shoes. But you never think of the people who need the water. You can’t always be at the receiving end of good things. Understanding the world doesn’t just revolve around you is a great way to find peace. Sometimes you have your moment, sometimes you don’t.

Of course, it’s ok you show your dislike for something once in a while. But letting it determine your entire mood for a week or a month? That’s where you know it’s an unhealthy habit. Instead of thinking about all the things wrong with your life, for once, think of all the things right. Things you wouldn’t trade for anything. You’d never know how much till you’re done.

Being Unhealthily Jealous/competitive – A bad Habit

People’s success should always motivate you instead of giving you sleepless nights. You can’t sleep because someone got a job and now, you’re angry? That’s one of the reasons you’re miserable. It doesn’t help you become a better version of yourself. You find out you don’t even take their success as motivation.

Everyone has their time. If you keep pushing and working towards it, you’ll be there in no time. So, ditch the unhealthy habit of being jealous of people who worked hard to get where they are.

Breaking unhealthy habits can be hard. But as long as you’ve accepted your bad habits, you can begin working on them individually. Write them down today and see how less miserable you become over time.

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Unhealthy Habits That Leave You Miserable

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