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Nigeria is a place of drama, fun and without a doubt more drama. Every Nigerian has an opinion on Nigeria. With this in mind, 9javillage! Took time to ask four Nigerians their opinions on Nigeria. The results were interesting to say the least.

Opinions on Nigeria

Let’ take a look.

Nigeria must be ready to ensure employment for all Nigerians

Chisom on Opinions on Nigeria
Chisom Chuka-Utazi

Meet Chisom Chuka-Utazi, Law Graduate from Baze University. Here’s what she had to say;

“Nigeria is facing a lot of problems. One of its problems is the high rate of unemployment. Most qualified graduates with outstanding performance come out of school hoping to get good jobs in their field of study but instead remain unemployed for a long time. That is the reality of life for most graduates in Nigeria.

I have seen some graduates who have been looking for a job for years and stay jobless for years. Some of them eventually venture into businesses while others fall into depression and waste away.

This high rate of unemployment further leads to poverty which is another major contemporary problem in Nigeria. In Nigeria the rate of poverty is very high. Most people with little or no source of income are unable to provide themselves with the basic necessities of life.

This eventually leads to many other problems such as malnutrition, illness, and eventually high mortality rate/death.

To reduce poverty and crime rates, Nigeria must be ready to ensure employment for all graduates and skill acquisition”.

I think every Nigerian agrees with this view though. But that was intense, don’t you agree?

Nigeria is the heart of Africa

Motunrayo on opinions on Nigeria
Motunrayo Aina

Meet Motunrayo Aina, a Graduate of Finance proudly repping the University of Ilorin (she even claims it’s the best) and Kogi State.

Here’s her opinion on Nigeria-

“Nigeria is an okay country. Any problem Nigeria is facing is not just peculiar to us.

It affects every country because they all have their own problems. Though there is always room for improvement.

Nigeria is the heart of Africa. It is a country on the northwestern landmass of the continent of Africa. It experiences weather changes due to its proximity to Atlantic Ocean. The weather is quite favorable sometimes, at least to me.

The weather could indeed be hot and the sun could be scorching at times but the weather in Nigeria is relatively favorable.

Nigerian is fun-filled because of the attitude of Nigerians toward difficult circumstances. We are not the kind of people that obsess over situations we can’t control.

We joke around with it and make skits that ease the tension. Yes we need to work on taking matters more seriously because it might improve things. But I like Nigeria like that.

Let us keep playing and easing difficult situations for ourselves.

We have a lot to work on as individuals to make the whole community, society, and country a much better place”.

That made me smile. We absolutely love our jokes. Where will our suffering and smiling be without them?

Unto to the next

Nigeria has too many limited opportunities

Obuzor Umesi on Opinions on Nigeria
Obuzor Ezekiel Umesi

Meet Obuzor Ezekiel Umesi, a Nigerian Student, software engineer, and a budding online business consultant (only him o). He’s passionate about giving Nigerian Youths limitless access to opportunities and amenities.

Here’s what he had to say-

“I think Nigeria is a great country filled with a lot of talent and potential. The main problem with Nigeria is that there are very limited opportunities. This is the sole reason why people seek other opportunities abroad.

Here’s his solution

The only solution to every problem Nigeria has is to create more opportunities in all industries. The crime rate will reduce and money will be evenly circulated”.

I feel you bro.

Nigeria and her siblings are still colonized

Nnamdi on opinions about Nigeria
Nnamdi Uzuegbu

Now, meet Nnamdi Uzuegbu, Lawyer and leisure writer.

Get ready for this…

“The year is 1884 and the location is Otto Von Bissmark’s residence in Berlin. For years the leading European nations in Prussia, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium were in a race. The aim is to colonize Africa. This is as we all know is the “scramble for Africa”.

Bissmark’s conference was one of the few aimed at preventing a war between European powers over Africa. The rules of colonization were set and Africa was partitioned among the powers based on the rules over Brandy. Military presence and effective administration were some of the factors considered in partitioning territory.

Pre-colonial boundaries were not in the picture for trade and administrative convenience. It did not matter that the Northern tribes had done business. It did not also matter that they had many of their kin in areas of French West Africa (Niger, Chad, and Cameroon). They were to forsake those ties for those in now Southern Nigeria. The amalgamation in 1914 was a forced union and was against the very tenets of nationhood.

These boundaries remains even after independence. More than 100 years after amalgamation, the effects of that British expression are still there to see.

After Colonization

Like other parts of Africa, Nigeria was colonized mainly for raw materials and a market for excess manufactured goods. This did not change after independence. After all the economic and political system did not change from the intention of the colonialists.

The leaders who emerged have continued to ‘colonize’ Nigeria by building an economy on the selling of raw materials in foreign currency with Nigeria still being a key market for manufactured goods from the West.

The result is an economy dependent on the value of those raw materials and currency dependent on the dollar. The former colonialists and others like the USA would not see Nigeria beyond this until the narrative changes and this is very unlikely.

Concessions for mining oil have been sold to foreign companies so that we now have only a limited say in how this natural resource is dealt with. After all, oil was the reason why powers like Britain and France in their individual roles were part of the Nigerian war.

I would be sounding like a broken record if I comment on how Nigeria’s potential has been wasted. However, until Nigeria and other African countries begin to look beyond their raw materials or do something to balance the trade on their own terms, Nigeria and her siblings would remain colonized. They would continue to be described as ‘third-world’ or ‘developing’ for years to come”.

Now, we don’t want you sounding like a broken record.

So that’s a wrap on opinions on Nigeria! If you like articles like this, check out this article about Nigeria.

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We asked 4 Nigerians about their opinions on Nigeria-Here’s what they had to say

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