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You’re probably wondering all the thoughts going through your man’s head when he kisses you. Or any guy in general. A lot of people always want to know. Does he enjoy it? Does he hate it? Are you keeping your lips at the right angle? So many questions but people want to know. What do guys really think about when they kiss?.

Generally, first kisses are always awkward and maybe not as good as the subsequent ones but does it mean you both hated it?. Probably not. You were too busy being worried anyway to notice. Of course being in love or at least attracted to the person helps.

Sometimes the guys are just as worried as the ladies. They feel they aren’t doing it just right or maybe she’s not enjoying it either. That’s why I got different reviews from men and what they think when they kiss their women.

1. “Before a kiss, I’m more scared than during the kiss. During the kiss, I just worry more about where to place my hands. On her breasts? Waist? Head?. It’s so confusing” – a common thing a guy is thinking when he kisses you.

This is completely understandable. Especially with the fact that you have to move your hands, but you never know if it’s the right time. Sometimes understanding body language helps a lot.

2. “I don’t exactly think of anything in particular. I don’t think anybody does. You just think of the kiss and the part of the body your hands are” – frequent thoughts he has when kisses you.

The second guy to acknowledge it. Perhaps moving your hands slowly can make you less worried?. That way when you touch her, and she doesn’t seem to like it, you can withdraw. Problem averted.

3. “It actually depends on who I’m kissing (laughs). Most of the time, I wonder if they enjoy the kiss as much or as little as I am. Other times I think nothing. Especially if the emotional connection is strong”

Going blank when kissing someone isn’t actually a new concept to a lot of people. Not many people know what to think about so they just focus on head movements, deepening the kiss etc. some times they don’t exactly worry if it’ll proceed to be something more. They just live in the moment.

4. “I just wonder if it’ll be more than this and low-key hope it will”

A number of guys actually hope that kissing, especially French kisses, go deeper than just kissing. 2 minutes into the kiss and they might want more. So if you’re wondering what a guy is thinking when he’s kissing you, it’s probably of sex.

5. “I just wonder where various noises are coming from”.

When a guy is kissing you, one of the things he could be thinking about includes what noises are around. Who’s watching (if it’s in a public place). What made that sound you both just heard etc. and then, when he gets more involved, he might not think about it as much. Who knows?.

6. ”sorry to disappoint you but I’ve never kissed before. I’ll be probably nervous” – another thing a guy might think when kissing you.

If you are kissing a guy for the first time, and it happens to be his first time, chances are he’s nervous. You might probably not be able to tell because most people don’t like revealing their first kisses.

7. “I worry about my breathe and if she can taste the food I had eaten a while ago.” – a common thing a guy is thinking when he kisses you.

Yes, people can taste what you recently ate and while he’s worried about his, yours comes to mind too.

8. “ In most cases, your thoughts just kind of floats. You can’t pinpoint a particular line of thought. It just happens. But there are weird occasions where I’m consciously analyzing the kiss while actively kissing. For example, I’m thinking about how long I should kiss the lower lips before we exchange and I kiss the upper lips”

Well let’s just say this is pretty explanatory. But wait, there’s more:

“ When should I stop and just place my lips directly against hers. At what moment do I tongue kiss, if she’s into it. Then when it gets more intense, I start thinking about the usefulness of my arms. They seem to be jobless”.


If you’re ever wondering what a man is thinking when he kisses you, you can always ask him. But chances are it’s one of the above.

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What A Guy Is Thinking When He Kisses You

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