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  1. I wish I could like this article over and over again. Really, feminism isn’t about who to pay bills or who cooks because as the writer said, there are other important issues

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A feminist is often seen as a bitter and wicked person in Nigeria. They have successfully created lots of misconceptions about their beliefs, especially on social media.

Nigerian female feminists have bastardised what it really means to be called a feminist. They only bring up the topic of feminism when it comes to family and relationships- Who bathes the kids? Who cooks on Monday and washes on Sunday?  

Therefore, they see female feminists are bossy, overpowering, controlling, over-demanding, and naturally troublesome women. They face a lot of criticisms.

First of all, a feminist is one who fights for the rights of diverse women and girls. You can be a male or female feminist. Here are some things you need to know before calling yourself a feminist:

1. Who is a feminist?

A feminist is someone who fights for the rights of women and girls. He/she is someone who believes that women and girls should have access to the right opportunities. They ensure that women and girls are protected from all forms of gender-based violence.

Feminism simply mean respecting the diverse views, experiences and potential. When you ensure that these women are empowered, they live life to its fullness.

2. How can a feminist relate feminism and intersectionality?

A feminist must be able to embrace both. This may sound complex but it really isn’t. For you to be a good feminist, you have to be very inclusive. You have to embrace gender and other ways people can be discriminated against such as race, class, origin, religious, ethnicity, mental ability, socio-economic status.

Location plays a part too. This is why majority of the work against Gender-Based Violence is in rural communities with little to no access to water, more or less, power supply. These people are more vulnerable to abuse and won’t be able to speak up.

3. Who is eligible to be a feminist?

The truth is, anyone!

Anyone should be able fight for the feminism movement.

4. What is a feminist not?

A feminist is not someone that hates men. She is not someone that negatively tries to impose her rights on men, especially in relationships. Being a feminist doesn’t give you the right to argue about who to pay bills, who to be on top each other in bed, or what day of the week you and your man should share the cooking. There are other important pending issues.

If you want to argue about such things, it should be on a personal basis and not on the basis of feminism.

A feminist doesn’t instigate hate on men. You aren’t meant to belittle other people’s experiences because of feminism.

It’s about identifying the different ways people experience discrimination especially as a result of their gender, and find ways to rectify it by speaking out and helping women and girls succeed.

5. How can you be a feminist?

Feminism is very important in today’s world. You can become a feminist by taking the following steps:

a. Speak up on social media

You should be able to raise awareness on social media while posting your beautiful beautiful Instagram picture and tweeting about your day. Let the world know what’s going on.

b. Support women

It doesn’t matter the field you are in, or even if you’re a student. You should find ways to support women and girls and help them access opportunities. Report any form of female violence to appropriate authorities. The victims may be too scared to speak up.

c. Teach young ones gender equality

It’s important that you teach young ones about gender equality. You don’t have to wait till you have kids to do this. Teach them to cook for themselves. Tell little boys to treasure women’s bodies and not use it as sexual objects. Train girls to fight against any form of violence that comes to them because of their gender.

Teach children folklore stories to help them fall in love with their culture and identity.

We shall win, eventuarry….

Hope you now know what being a feminist is, Ndi Twitter!

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What Does it Mean to be a Feminist?

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