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So you made an impression on your crush by keeping things exciting and you have successfully secured a first date. Oh, the joy you must feel! You have everything planned. You have a list of all the questions you want to ask your date to keep things interesting. Then you realize that you do not have the slightest idea on what to wear on a date. Have you been in a situation like that before?

Well, deciding on what to wear for a date isn’t something you should do at the last minute. It’s just wrong. Although men have an easier time putting together an outfit compared to ladies, they can still mess things up. You’ll need time to choose what to wear on a date. Remember, you’re trying to make an impression on your crush. So everything has to be perfect.

Well, I have put together a simple guide which gives you tips on what to wear for a date. Let’s get right into it.

1. Always Dress For The Occasion

What to wear on a date? Dress for the occasion

Look, your first date is a great way to create a lasting impression. While you should focus more on showing her amazing bits about yourself, your appearance is something you shouldn’t ignore. As Arthur Ashe rightly says:

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Are you going to the cinema, is it a picnic, or a dinner date in a fancy restaurant? You’ll agree the choice of clothing will differ in each of these situations. Now, your date will surely be dressing for the occasion. You must be on the same page with her. You don’t want to look all suited up for a simple picnic or looking too casual for a dinner date.

2. Play It Safe With Neutral Or Dark Colors

What to wear for a date. You can never go wrong with neutral or dark colors.

This isn’t the time to express your individuality and personality through colorful clothes. You’ll have other opportunities for that. Stick to dark or neutral colors for your date. They often give off an aura of sophistication. Colors like white, black, gray, and navy are ideal colors for a date. With these foolproof colors, you don’t have to be worried about what to wear on a date. However, if it’s a casual date in the daytime, you can be flexible with your choice of colors..

3. Wear Clothes That Fit

Wear clothes that fit

You should wear the clothes and not the other way around. The goal is for your date to focus on you and not the baggy and loose clothing. This doesn’t mean you should wear the tightest clothes you can find. Now, we wouldn’t want your shirt buttons popping out in the middle of a conversation, would we? So when you’re thinking of what to wear on a date, focus on clothing that hug your body slightly and gives you a more refined appearance.

4. Never Forget To Wear A Watch

Never go on a date without a watch

A watch is a very important accessory for men, especially when going on a special date. You don’t have to worry about wearing an expensive watch, as a nice one will do. The kind of date also determines the type of watch you should wear. Usually, a sports watch will be the best fit for a casual meet-up and a watch with a metallic strap will be more suitable for a dinner date. It’s the little things that count and your watch will surely make an impression.

5. You’re Never Fully Dressed If You Don’t Smell Good

Grab her attention by smelling nice

Even if you’ve figured out what to wear for a date, it would be a crime to step out of your house without a cologne. The way you smell is just as important as the clothes you put on. Marcello Mastroianni explains:

“A wise man knows cologne is the most powerful weapon in the fight for female attention.”

People who smell good are automatically more attractive. Now, you don’t need to use your cologne like a mad man. A simple spray near your neck, inside your shirt, and outside will do the trick. The idea is to go for a more subtle scent rather than a loud one. Remember, what you wear simply makes you presentable and shouldn’t remove the focus from you.

6. Your Shoes Should Be Clean And Polished

What to wear on a date. Wear clean and polished shoes

The importance of wearing clean or polished shoes can never be overemphasized. After choosing what to wear on a date, you wouldn’t want to mess everything up with dirty or unpolished shoes. If you’ll be wearing sneakers, make sure they’re as clean as possible. If the date is more formal, polish your shoes until it shines brighter than the sun.


You don’t have to worry about what to wear for your date. These foolproof methods will surely help you choose clothing that will make a lasting impression on your crush. Remember, however, that your dressing only takes you so far. At the end, your ability to keep the conversation interesting is more important. So dress well, smell good, and make that lady fall head over heels in love with you. You’ve got this! You’re the man!

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What To Wear On A Date: The Men’s Guide

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