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Finding love can be very difficult for a lot of people especially if you can’t find your spec around. It makes you wonder “why can’t I meet a nice guy?” Generally, most people wonder why it’s hard to find a good man. It makes you think, is that really what happens? Is finding a good guy that difficult?

Truth is there are various reasons why it seems you aren’t finding a nice guy. Same reasons you think there are no good men out there. Here are a few reasons why it seems you can’t find a good man.

Why It’s Hard to Find A Good Man – Too Many Options

Hook up culture has basically taken over the world. The lack of commitment and getting to know each other before deciding to be an item for a while. Lots of people think “why settle for one when you can have it all?” This makes it hard for people who actually want relationships.

People feel they have too many options. Not that it’s entirely a bad thing but when you feel you have too many options, It’s bound to affect your feelings for people. Everyone seems easily disposable but sooner or later, you want more than fleeting seconds of love.

Technology Has Led to More Distance

Technology might have made the world a smaller place but it sure creates a bigger distance. How can you possibly find a good man when you only get to see what they show you on the internet? Same way it’s hard to find one when you see different men online. Whoever you make the slightest connection with seems to be the one. Until he’s not anymore so onto the next one.

Why can’t I meet a nice guy? You wonder. It’s because you’re probably searching in all the wrong places on the internet. Maybe the man for you isn’t on twitter or instagram. You should probably try a coffee house or the park.

Why Can’t I Meet A Nice Guy? – Some Men Are Scared of Commitment

We presently live in a world where people are scared of committing to one person. Especially men. It’s not a surprise to hear a man say he doesn’t want to commit. No one bats an eye and this makes it harder for you to find a nice guy. The reason you can’t find a good man could be because no one wants to commit.

Women on the other hand are more open to commitment than men are. They would rather love and care for one man in more cases.

What Else Could Be Making It Hard to Find A Good Man?

Now just as these are reasons you could be finding it difficult to find a good man, you play a huge role as well. Maybe you can’t find one because of your unrealistic standards. No one is telling you to settle for less but going through your standards gives you an insight of what you’re expecting from someone.

Why can’t i meet a nice guy? A man could check everything on the list but one and you decide he’s not the man for you. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you wouldn’t tell when you see it.

You want a man over 6ft tall, makes 6 figures. Has your time and treats you like a princess. Treats the women in his life perfectly, an alpha male. Leads other men, everyone likes him and did I forget to mention he’s a great lover too? Unlike the movies, in real life there are about 1% of men like this (maybe less).

Why It’s Hard to Find A Good Man – The Best-Friend/ Friend-zone Syndrome

Why can’t i meet a nice guy? You probably have a good man by your side but he’s your best friend. You’re attracted to bad boys you’re trying to tame into good men. Now when you constantly fail at this delusion, you could also conclude that it’s hard to find good men.

There’s no pressure or persuasion to think your best friend or the good guy sinking in the abyss of the friend-zone you kept him is right for you. But dismissing them over petty things should give you a serious rethink.

You know you fall under this category when you have a guy you constantly tell “I wish I could find a man like you”. He’s literally a man like him. (This applies if he’s single and interested in you).

Why Can’t I Meet A Nice Guy? – You Could Be Chasing Them Away

Why cant i meet a nice guy? A reason why it seems you can’t find a good man is because you don’t present yourself well enough. You might have a terrible attitude or be a terrible person. This is a fair enough reason for good men to run away from you. You are what you attract most times so if you can’t find a good man, you might want to stop and reflect. Do so without ruling men out as the problem every time.

Here’s an opportunity to work on yourself and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a good man.

Find out what a patient person is like.

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Why Can’t I Meet A Nice Guy? Is It Hard to Find A Good Man

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