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Why do cheaters cheat? Well because that’s what they do. It could be because of any reason at all but deciding to cheat is how it’s carried out. Why do cheaters cry? Because they are trying to gaslight you. Amongst other reasons.

Cheating on someone is one of the lowest things a person could possibly do. Now it’s so much more devastating when you find out your partner is cheating on you. Probably someone you never thought would do that in a million years. It can be a painful experience but more than anything, it can be confusing.

You begin asking yourself a lot of questions that all revolve around why you weren’t good enough. If you weren’t meeting his physical needs or emotional needs etc. but don’t do that to yourself. That’s the thing. A cheater would always try to justify themselves and might throw in little tears for the theatrics. Don’t fall for it.

Confronting A Cheater Can Be Tricky

When you confront a cheater, they usually deny it. Probably have the little decency in them to do that and not throw it in your face. When you show evidence, they start looking puzzled. They might get angry that you’ve been stalking them or that you don’t trust it. Let’s say you go through this phase without breaking, then they begin to cry. What do you do?

A cheater’s cry may show that they are sorry for what they did. Remorse is a part of the whole show but understands that they are trying to manipulate you. Either consciously or unconsciously. Gaining your sympathy is the first step to gaslighting you and in no time, you feel bad for feeling bad.

Are They Really Trying to Gaslight You?

When a cheater starts crying, chances are they are going down the path to gaslight you. They might come up with the pathetic lines of “I need help” “I’m really sorry. I couldn’t help it” anything to project your sympathy on them. If you aren’t strong enough, you might just fall into the middle of the show. They could blame it on you being busy all the time or on a drinking problem or their sex addiction. They’ll blame their shortcomings on anything but themselves. Cheating isn’t something you’re addicted to. And if by chance you are, you get help and get it fixed before it hurts the people you love.

A Cheater Will Indeed Try To Gaslight You

Cheaters who tend to cry do so to gaslight you. Make you think you’re wrong for reacting the way you do. That’s what gaslighting revolves around. People discuss more your reaction to a problem they swear isn’t there than what they did to hurt you. So how can you tell if your partner is gaslighting you?

If they burst into tears and start claiming it’s just in your mind even when you have concrete evidence against them. They make you question everything you’ve seen and heard over the past days or even weeks. You slowly start losing your mind.

There’s no denying people cry when they are really remorseful. But if a cheater is truly sorry for their actions, they wouldn’t start crying at the slightest opportunity to gain sympathy. You can find out just how much they are sorry as time goes on but it’s not just in your head. You’re not losing your mind. Your partner is just manipulating you and trying to gaslight you.

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Why Cheaters Cry and Gaslight You Every time

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